Tips On Safe Travel In New Zealand

Is New Zealand Safe

NZ Travel GuideWell informed caution is your best insurance when travelling in New Zealand

You will find New Zealand is a safe friendly country travelling in New Zealand will be a fun experience.

Different people from across the globe are flocking to New Zealand for the friendly laid-back lifestyle and natural beauty.

But at times; you still need to use caution to ensure you remain safe as you travel through this stunning country, the following tips are designed to help you do just that  “Stay Safe In NZ”.

Health Care

New Zealand offers good quality health or accident care with modern hospitals in the main centres and well trained GP or Family Doctors spread across the country, they are equipped to cover most health problems that you may encounter. Travel Insurance is advisable.

Personal Safety

  • be aware of your surroundings when out late at night, keep to well-lit public areas when walking etc.
  • try not walk alone late at night, stick in a group or take a taxi.
  • carry a cell phone, remember New Zealand’s emergency number  is   (111).
  • don’t get too  drunk.
  • choose your drinking companions carefully.

As in many countries New Zealand has a criminal element and some of them target tourists, especially tourist vehicles when parked in isolated tourist or scenic spots.

Guard Your Vehicle :

  • when possible always carry your valuables with you when leaving your vehicle unattended.
  • do not leave items in clear view, lock them in the vehicle boot (trunk).
  • park in well lit or busy public areas.
  • always lock your vehicle.
  • If possible don’t make it too obvious you are a tourist.
  • If your campervan has a safe installed for your valuables, be sure to use it !  if it doesn’t ask the campervan company – why not ?

It is sensible to take out travel insurance to  cover all the possible problems you may encounter when traveling in New Zealand, including… theft insurance, medical insurance, emergency evacuation insurance, cancellation insurance, if you plan on hiring a scooter or expect to participate in high-risk activities when in New Zealand make sure your travel insurance allows for this…

It may never happen,  but travel insurance will give you peace of mind as you enjoy your travels in New Zealand.

Driving Safely

  • in New Zealand we drive on the left-hand side of the road… very important to always remember this, as in the less populated area’s it is easy to forget this fact and pull out from rest stop into the wrong lane, with tragic results.
  • learn the New Zealand road code for the basic rules of  ” Give Way ” etc.
  • do not drink and drive, this is heavily policed and enforced.
  • make allowances  for our often narrow winding country roads and drive with more care once you leave the main highways.
  • stick to the speed limit… 100 kilometres per hour is the norm on the open road but some areas reduce to 90 kilometres per hour.
  • our roads become very slippery once wet, slow down on wet roads.
  • in winter ice can be a problem, especially when approaching shaded corners.
  • learn the differences of driving in New Zealand

New Zealand Police

The NZ police are generally helpful and easy to deal with so do not hesitate to approach them if you any problems or feel threatened, also  Kiwi people pride themselves on being helpful to strangers and tourists most are more than willing to help a tourist in need, if you have a vehicle break down, or flat Tyre or are simply lost,  feel free to ask for help if you need it, you  will be pleasantly surprised by the level of  help you receive.

Hidden Dangers

The incidents of violent crime involving tourists in New Zealand is still very low, but one risk you will all face almost every day as you travel New Zealand, you may not be aware of… the threat of drowning… New Zealand has a high incidence of accidental drownings despite a long-running campaign warning people of the risk, there are many things you can do to reduce your risk

  • swim between the flags when lifeguards are operating
  • don’t swim when drunk
  • don’t swim fully clothed
  • don’t swim alone

Some of our more famous or beautiful beaches are our biggest killers when it comes to drownings so be careful at all times… seek out local knowledge whenever possible before jumping in, and swim within your ability

if you get caught in a rip

  • do not panic
  • do not swim against a strong rip, focus on relaxing, staying afloat, attracting help
  • hold up your hand to attract help (never do this as a joke no one will find it funny)
  • if you are a strong confident swimmer, swim right angles to the rip, some rips are narrow and you may swim out of it

Enjoy your  visit to New Zealand – Drive on the Left – Swim between the flags – Don’t drive drunk – Relax and have fun !

Author: Ian

Based in Rotorua with an interest in Photography, Deer Hunting, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Kayaking and Travel... Our aim is to provide you with travel tips and all the local knowledge you need to discover amazing natural locations throughout New Zealand...

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