New Zealand Campervan Holidays

New Zealand Campervan Holidays New Zealand Campervan  Holidays are the perfect self-drive option when travelling New Zealand.

You gain the flexibility and freedom of your own transport with the bonus of comfortable low-cost accommodation.

Campervans allow you to freedom camp, or choose from a vast range of comfortable holiday parks, without the restrictions or hassle of  booking hotel accommodation in advance.

Self Drive a Campervan or Car?

Although initially renting a car appears to be cheaper, extra costs add up quite quickly when travelling by car  – especially when you factor in accommodation and meal costs.
Using a car will also add the inconvenience of you having to be in a set destination at a set time every night, you become a slave to check-in and check-out times.

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But when you travel New Zealand by camper you carry your own kitchen, fridge and dining room, in the larger campervans – your own bathroom with you they offer the best value for your dollar when in New Zealand, you shouldn’t underestimate the cost savings of preparing your own meals instead of eating in cafe’s or surviving on takeaways for the duration of your trip, as well as.

What I feel is the most important benefit, but often overlooked – the security of having your own space for the duration of your New Zealand Holiday no need to pack your bags every day it all travels with you!

These are a few examples of why New Zealand Campervans provide a better option than a car, I’m sure you will discover many more as you can travel through New Zealand camping when and where you choose to make the most of camping in secluded unspoilt places for a small fee or totally free this is another major selling point for many, it is a great way to escape  the tourist crowds.

 New Zealand Campervans

Some New Zealand campervans are very basic, nothing more than converted vans they are the cheapest option for your holiday in New Zealand.

These converted vans can sleep 2-3 people, making them ideal for couples, friends or a small family. A double bed and cooking equipment is included and the standard price range is between $40 and $100 a day.

Fully equipped campervans are of course more expensive, typically the cost ranges between $180 and $300 per day.

There are greater benefits from hiring these larger more expensive vans. Firstly they can sleep up to six people, making it a better choice for larger groups.

This allows the rental costs to be split between more people, helping to bring the overall rental and fuel costs down. There may be a lack of personal space if there are six people using the van but the opportunity to share your holiday with friends or extended family is an added bonus.

Most of these larger campers will have the option of a shower and chemical toilet, making camping in the basic but beautiful, DOC camping grounds – more enjoyable and environmentally acceptable.

Freedom camping in New Zealand is Legal in many locations,(though the rules for freedom camping are getting tougher) for now though as long as your campervan is certified self-contained it is legal to freedom camp in designated areas throughout New Zealand (Self Contained : all the waste water is stored to be deposited in designated disposal points) the rental company will supply you with a list of the up to date camping rules and waste disposal drop-off points throughout New Zealand.

New Zealand Campervan Holidays (Plan Ahead)

Like most things when self driving in New Zealand, the time of year or holiday season will affect the price you pay for your vehicle hire.

Supply and demand will especially dictate the price when renting campervans.

It is not uncommon to see prices increase during  summer months.

Planning and booking  ahead will ensure your camper price is fixed and the campervan of your choice is available.

Especially true if you require an automatic transmission as most of the bigger New Zealand campervans have a  manual gearbox or stick shift, so book well ahead to avoid disappointment.

Where To Camp

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If you are looking for unique places to park up for the night, visit the Department of Conversation (DOC) website as they have around 250 camping  sites scattered throughout New Zealand.

Some of these campsites can be used for free.

DOC campsites that do require a fee cost between $5  and $15 per person, all of these camping areas are in picturesque locations – in fact, they include some of the finest scenic locations you will find in New Zealand – this small camping charge is money well spent.

Another valid camping option is using Top Ten Holiday Parks.

The ideal would be to camp in basic DOC campsites for 2 -3 nights then move to a Top Ten or similar camping ground for 1 -2 nights … to make use of the washing machine, full-size shower as well as kitchen facilities – all the home comforts!

This professional  New Zealand wide Holiday Park Organization demands a high standard from its member’s  camping grounds

Giving you peace of mind that the camping ground you plan to stay in is clean and well run.

There are many compelling reasons to opt for New Zealand Campervan Holidays, over “travel by car” and booking hotels or motels in advance.

One important reason, I feel, is campers allow you to avoid the over crowded tourist areas … instead you will be free to discover and fully enjoy the scenic gems that others just fly past in their rush to meet hotel or Motel booking requirements.

These unique area’s and out of the way campsites that are now available to you – “Real New Zealand” at it’s best, locations you will remember for a life-time.

Isn’t that the reason You traveled to New Zealand?

Author: Ian

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