New Zealand Travel Tips

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New Zealand Travel Tips – Real Advice to ensure You experience “Real New Zealand”

The Real New Zealand isn’t simply a tiny happy little country well out of the way from everyone else.

It isn’t generic bus tours to crappy “tourist” spots.

If you want to do New Zealand and see New Zealand truly you need to do it by yourself and get lost in the different regions, areas, towns, and cities.

You can’t experience a place by face value which is what happens when you are zooming around on a bus full of tourists going from 5-Star Hotels to overrated tourist-orientated places that deliver a false tacky-touristy representation of what our country is.

Oh, and just to get this straight from the get-go we aren’t all hairy-footed Hobbits like off Lord Of The Rings! – though you may not agree once you are here!

Fox Glacier HikingNew Zealand’s experience is not about the place. It is made up of equal parts of the lifestyle, way of life and the surrounds. It is about getting down with the locals, going off the beaten track and trying different things.

The real experience of New Zealand is created by renting a campervan and allowing at least 6 months to explore. New Zealand may be small, but it’s vast in its variety of scenery between regions and all locations are breath-taking.

Take your time in exploring the whole country and even if you only do the whole North or South Island your welcome to come back and experience some more New Zealand. The true experience is getting down to basics not doing silly overrated activities, which empty your purse. Just drive and explore, fly and tramp, cruise and relax.

New Zealand Travel Tips…

Experience New Zealand Checklist
New Zealand Travel Tips

1. Allow yourself plenty of time to get lost and fall in love with our country
2. Don’t rush trying to see every part of New Zealand just chill
3. Be brave and venture beyond the typical tourist spots
4. Experience our country in every way camp, tramp, bus, fly, train, ferry, sail, walk, run, cycle,
5. Eat kiwi food! Think kiwifruit, pavlova, baked beans, hokey pokey ice-cream, goody goody gumdrops, pineapple lumps, fish and chips, Whittaker’s chocolate, milk, meat.
6. Make friends and talk to the locals
7. Stick to one typical tourist activity and a couple of things you have never tried before to make your money go further
8. Invest in some Kiwiana! A Ta Moko (Maori Tattoo), a greenstone necklace, a generic t-shirt you get it!
9. Live like a kiwi relax go with the flow and don’t be afraid to have a drink after 12 pm
10. Don’t laugh at our accents because you have a funny voice too

All, in all New Zealand, is a really relaxed and laidback country, we love getting a little bit crazy, having good company, going on wicked adventures, sinking a few beverages, enjoying the New Zealand summer and chilling out.

So come on over and treat yourself to Air New Zealand too!

Author: Ian

Based in Rotorua with an interest in Photography, Deer Hunting, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Kayaking and Travel... Our aim is to provide you with travel tips and all the local knowledge you need to discover amazing natural locations throughout New Zealand...

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