New Zealand Hostels

New Zealand Hostels?

North Island

It’s not that difficult to find Hostels In New Zealand.

There are many amazing professionally run hostels throughout New Zealand.
Every city has several of them…

But finding a cheap hostel you will feel 100% safe in while sleeping? That is another matter…

Bed Bugs Suck!

You don’t want to stress over theft, threats, or blood-sucking bed bugs while sharing a 12-bed dorm room with drunk unwashed locals like it is a fruit-pickers halfway house in the slow season…

Research Is Needed To Find The Best Hostels In New Zealand.

This article gives actionable tips on how to avoid nightmare hostels, so you don’t wake up in a cold sweat every hour!

Try the two links below for New Zealand hostels listed on

These links will get you started as you search for that Magical, Cheap, New Zealand Hostel.

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North Island Hostels

South Island Hostels

Hostels in New Zealand

The good Backpacker hostels in New Zealand offer cheap, clean, safe, accommodation, and priceless local information, they are a great place to relax… Or sadly, they can be a total dump?

Research Online and Word Of Mouth are key when sorting the good from the bad places to stay.
The best time to do this is before you book a room! – if you hope to consistently find good hostels in New Zealand.

Hostel Booking – Tips

To find the better hostels or last minute hotel deals you need to put away your guidebook and do a little research online, “Lonely Planet Guide Book” works fine when searching for things to do…

New Zealand Travel Tips – Video

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When it comes to budget accommodation Guide Books tend to be little more than paid adverts, and most likely a little out of date.

If you are trying to find “Clean Cheap Hostel Accommodation” you can’t go past reviews from happy or not so happy travelers that have lived the dream or have woken to find a rat chewing on their backpack!

Avoid The Nightmare…

Research or inside knowledge is needed if you hope to avoid blood-sucking Bed Bugs! or Sleepless Nights due to all-night snorers that seem to cram into those cheap crappy 12-bed dorms…

Hostel Reviews

Hostel Reviews are your best friend – in your initial quest for the perfect cheap place to sleep, once you are in New Zealand other travelers you meet along the way will be your 2nd best source of up to date information on the “Best New Zealand Hostel Deals” – you can’t beat word of mouth.

Something to keep in mind. Kiwi’s love to open backpackers. New hostels pop up throughout New Zealand every few months most are great with friendly helpful staff… though even well run hostels can disappear, change ownership or quickly turn to crap… all in less than a year. How accurate is your guide book when it comes to finding a good cheap accommodation? – if it takes more than a year to be listed in most backpacker guides!

But there is an answer…

Auckland HotelsBook Your Hostel Online

The internet has become No.1 for discovering hostels.
You will find recent reviews and accurate descriptions and various prices for large numbers of New Zealand Hostels, the reviews alone make interesting reading.

Not always polite but they are useful!

Discover Real New Zealand

If you are hoping to see the real New Zealand and get off the beaten track it becomes a little more difficult to find that perfect room.

The internet won’t be much help to you once you go feral – you will need more luck than research.

As a backup you should consider becoming self-sufficient – buy a tent a couple of cooking pots plus a cheap gas burner to cook on…

Then you can take advantage of our many free or very cheap DOC camping areas…

Farmstays or Hostels

Hostels or Farm Stay’s in the more remote areas may not be using mainstream advertising.
But you may still learn of them from other travelers or possibly find their brochures in local information centers as you travel through the more interesting and remote parts of New Zealand…

How To Choose Hostels – Video

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If you looking for a uniquely New Zealand experience these smaller hard to find hostels are well worth the effort, they are normally family-run, friendly, as well as a great source of local knowledge, they offer more than a cheap place to stay – they are often a priceless insight into “Real New Zealand.” and the genuine hospitality most Kiwi’s are so proud off.

Unique Hostels

Usually, they are found in out of the way country areas on large sheep & cattle stations or a converted house in the less traveled tourist spots or hiking areas.
If you seek you will find them…

Best Hostels In Auckland

For those of you that are happiest in a City, like Auckland.
The best hostel deals are often the large chain hostels, but they are not always the best hostel to stay in if you want a more personal experience or an insight into New Zealand’s lifestyle?

So again research is still key, read a few reviews…

If you don’t want to find a hostel in Auckland Central, the better suburbs to look at are New Market, Ponsonby, or Parnell, the Hostels in these “upmarket-areas” are often in renovated villas or are modern well-maintained apartment-style hostels…

They are also the 3 best “Go-To” suburbs in Auckland for amazing Cafe’s and Restaurants, arguably the Best Auckland City has to offer, as well as a trendy spot if you are shopping for a gift to take home.

If you take the time to search with the links below you may just find an undiscovered gem of a hostel in each of our major cities…

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North Island Backpacker Hostels

South Island Backpacker Hostels

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