Moving To New Zealand?

Fishing - NorthlandYou’re looking to move to New Zealand… but what will you find once you get there? a friendly Island Nation with a mild temperate climate,  a small population of around 4.4 million people with 1.4 million of them living in Auckland.

Economically we rely on

  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Forestry
  • Fishing

Please remember in New Zealand we drive on the Left.

Speak predominantly English.

Women gained the right to vote in New Zealand way back in 1890.

New Zealand as a nation is driven by sport it is home to the All Blacks ( Rugby, not soccer is our national sport )

We value personal freedoms, open spaces, and the natural environment.

New Zealander’s enjoy and make good use of free access to mountains, the sea, and publicly owned forests, all these area’s offer excellent opportunities for recreation and hunting or fishing, the collecting of wild foods is a favorite pass time in New Zealand, these pass times take the form of …

  • Fishing: saltwater fishing,  freshwater fishing
  • Hunting: deer, pigs, game birds,
  • Gathering shellfish:

Kiwi’s aspire to 3 main dreams…

  • To be self-employed
  • To own a boat
  • To live on a 10-acre block of land

New Zealand’s  Ethnic Mix :

  • 78 % European
  • 14:6 % Maori
  • 9:2 % Asian
  • 6:9 % Pacific Islanders

How To Move To New Zealand :

Once you have decided to move to New Zealand your first step would be to apply for a Resident Class Visa… there are 6 options :

  • Skilled Migrant; based on a points system
  • Entrepreneur; suited to those who have already set up and run a successful business in New Zealand
  • Entrepreneur Plus; for those who have already invested 0.5 million in a New Zealand business
  • Investor; willing and able to invest 1.5 million in a New Zealand company
  • Investor Plus; able to invest 10 million or more in a New Zealand company
  • Silver Fern; a limited number offered but a great option.

Choose which New Zealand residency Visa suits you the best, and then apply for it.

For basic economic reasons most people moving to New Zealand choose to apply for the skilled migrant visa.

The skilled migrant visa is the logical choice but not always the fastest visa to be processed, the immigration department tends to be understaffed and they have well-defined policies to follow in effect they don’t hurry their decision or the assessment of your suitability – so be prepared for a 12 to 24 month wait for an answer to your New Zealand PR application.

Care is needed also to ensure the forms are filled out accurately and honestly as all Permanent Resident Visa applications and New Zealand PR applicants are reviewed closely.

Expect at least one verification visit to your place of employment and possible random spot checks or phone calls to your employer or supporters at any time.

Do not give false information hoping to boost your chances of gaining your PR.

There is zero tolerance to false information being used in this way.

If you feel you need help with your application ask several people within your ethnic group for a qualified immigration lawyer they used themselves and are happy to recommend.

Video – NZ Work Visa Immigration Policy Changes August 2017

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If you want to apply on your own then simply… Click on the link below to visit the official New Zealand Immigration website   NZ Immigration

On their website, you can check if your current skills are in short supply.

Plus establish the number of points you have at the moment and how points you require to qualify for New Zealand Residency.

While you are on the Immigration website  I would advise you to register as this gives you access to more detailed information.

Once you are registered and logged on you will have access to all the information required to start filling out and presenting Your New Zealand Residency application for consideration.

This Visa application is the first step in your move to New Zealand and becoming a KIWI…

Author: Ian

Based in Rotorua with an interest in Photography, Deer Hunting, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Kayaking and Travel... Our aim is to provide you with travel tips and all the local knowledge you need to discover amazing natural locations throughout New Zealand...

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