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Hamilton Hotel Accommodation…

Hamilton is an interesting modern city with a growing population

Kiwi Bird

If you’re looking for Exciting Nightlife, Quality Hotel Accommodation, Shopping, Great Food or Family Entertainment or try your luck at SkyCity Hamilton Casino

Whatever gets you excited! you are sure to find it in Hamilton.

Conveniently located in the center of the North Island 200 kilometers South of Auckland – The City stretches along the banks of the mighty Waikato River.

Famous in New Zealand for it’s powerful Rugby Team and Passionate Fans…

Due to its central location within the North Island, Hamilton is a popular overnight stop for many people visiting New Zealand.

It offers you a broad range of accommodation that will suit everyone’s needs  – from quality hotels or motels through to backpackers or camping grounds.

A popular area to find Hotels in Hamilton is along with the Waikato River with a few rooms enjoying a river view, plus easy access to the cycling, walking, or jogging track beside the river.

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As well as Hotels, there is also a large selection of Motels in Hamilton – you find most of them conveniently placed either side of the main roads into the city

What To Do in Waikato…

Waitomo Caves is 1 hour drive south of Hamilton,  The amazing cathedral like caverns of  Waitomo are alive with millions of tiny glow worms, like Hobbiton in Matamata – Waitomo Caves are a must see when you are in the Waikato area.

Hobbitsville in Matamata A pleasant 55 minute drive through idyllic farmland and you are in Matamata – if you are a fan of the Hobbit Movies or the books you will enjoy the Hobbit Tour – it is a must see!

Surfing at Raglan Beach escape the city for Raglan on the rugged west coast famous for the left-hand break at Manu beach or relax in the Cafes and Art Galleries. Only 45 minutes from Hamilton.

Otorohanga KiwiHouse – established in 1969 with the aim of rescuing and protecting New Zealand’s unique birds and reptiles from the ravages of predators and De-forestation.

It is now established as a world renown breeding centre undertaking scientific research, sharing knowledge and reintroducing species back into the wild.

Only 48 minutes from Hamilton City and close to Waitomo caves so if you start early enough you may have time to visit both attractions on the same day – or relax and stay the night in Waitomo.

Closer to Hamilton is the Oolong Tea farm or Hamilton Gardens…

Hamilton Novotel offers excellent Hotel Accommodation right in the Hamilton CBD conveniently close to the start of the paddle boat tours along the Waikato River, an interesting relaxing trip for the whole family – as you make your way along the Waikato River you will discover a scenic side of Hamilton City not easily seen from the road – some of Hamilton’s finest established houses are found along the banks of the Waikato River.


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