Fox Glacier – South Island

Fox Glacier HikingThere are few locations in the world that have the ability to leave people speechless. There are even less that give you the opportunity to explore glaciers majestically rising from a rainforest. Fox Glacier is one of them.

One of the world’s natural wonders, it offers you an experience that very few people will ever have and offers a variety of attractions that you are sure to be talking about years from now.

Fox Glacier is New Zealand’s largest commercially guided glacier, situated on the West Coast of the South Island 23 km’s south of Franz Josef (another easy to access glacier is found at Fran Josef)  Fox Glacier is a must-see location.

The West Coast offers amazing scenery for all to see whether you driving your camper along the main highway or hiking in the hills you will be impressed…without a doubt time spent on the West Coast of New Zealand and especially places like Fox Glacier is time well spent.

There are multiple glacier tour options available that are designed to suit all ages and athletic abilities.

Fox Glacier Tours :

Fox GlacierThere are 9 options when choosing a tour from Fox Glacier Guiding – they range from the Fox Trot a thrilling half-day walk to the Alpine Fox which is designed to teach you alpine skills, out of the 9 options you are sure to find the right one for you.

If time is short you can spend a ½ or full-day walking through the many crevices, along with an experienced alpine guide, that thoroughly knows the area’s history.

For those unsure of whether or not walking is right for them, a second option would be to Heli-hiking utilizing a helicopter to fly in and out of the glacier while making stops to allow you to sightsee on foot.

For those with the skills and fitness, up for a true adventure – ice climbing is available and can be combined with two helicopter flights to allow you access to very remote areas that are not easily accessible.

Guided Tours are available several times throughout the day, along with plenty of helpful information, so you are sure to find a tour that suits you.

While Fox Glacier is a sight to see in itself, there are numerous other attractions in the area that are worth your time.

Lake Matheson, one of the most photographed lakes in the world, is located close by, and at first light, Lake Matheson reflects the Southern Alps on its calm waters.

Gillespie’s Beach, the site of the 1865 Gold Rush, offers the opportunity to view stunning sights while taking in a quick history lesson.

You can visit the miner’s cemetery or, for a real treat, walk through the Miners Tunnel and follow the journey miners took in their search for gold.

Reaching the end of the tunnel you find yourself on a cliff that offers mesmerizing scenes of the Tasman Sea as well as the coastal cliffs leading to Galway Beach.

Speaking of Galway Beach this is the perfect location to see a seal colony.

NZ Travel GuideThese are just a few of the sites that allow you to see nature in all of its exquisite glory in the area.
Souvenirs are going to be vital on this trip to serve as a reminder for decades to come, your one of a kind trip.

Stop by The Glacier Shop which offers a variety of unique items that are sure to please everyone in your group.

The Hobnail Souvenir Shop is also a must-see as it presents the chance to find just the right quirky, high-quality memento of your stay.

Eat lunch at the Hobnail Cafe for a delicious start or end to your hike. The cafe is a favourite of many locals.

Visiting Fox Glacier and the beautiful West Coast is sure to leave you amazed by what you have seen and asking yourself  How soon can I come back?

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