Driving In New Zealand

New Zealand self drive holidaysDriving In New Zealand have always been a popular option, so we put together a few tips so when in control of your hire car or camper you feel more confident Driving In New Zealand.

Whether you choose to rent a car or campervan for a short visit or buy a vehicle for longer holidays, self driving is a great option as it allows a high level of freedom similar to traveling with in your own country.

Depending on your country of origin, when driving in New Zealand you should be able to use  your current drivers license check for the  (New Zealand License Requirements)

Otherwise you will need an international driving permit or a translation of your current license if your license is not in English.

If you’re staying in New Zealand for an extended time, (12 months or more) you should apply for a New Zealand drivers license.

Whatever the legal requirement regarding your drivers license if your aim is to drive in New Zealand, it is sensible to obtain and carefully read a copy of the New Zealand Road Code as driving in New Zealand will require small but important adjustments in your driving style.

Check Out the Video For Easy To follow Driving Tips…

The most important safety factor to remember is in New Zealand we drive on the left side of the road!

Driving In New Zealand Tips…

  • always carry your license  when driving.
  • drive the same types of vehicles you are licensed to drive in your own country.
  • you and your passengers must wear seat belts including suitable child restraints while the vehicle is moving
  • Do not drink and drive. Police have the right to stop and breath test drivers at any time… often called random breath testing.
  • before driving around New Zealand check with the AA road watch to ensure the route you plan to take is open plus you can check for any other New Zealand road travel warnings as well as Ferry Timetables and International and Domestic flight schedules

If your aim is to buy a used car or camper then it is wise to have the vehicle checked by the AA  this professional, independent appraisal could save you thousands of dollars and the frustration  of the vehicle constantly breaking down.

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