Things To Do – Coromandel Peninsula

Stony Bay - Coromandel Peninsula

Just 2.5 hours from Auckland City the Coromandel Peninsula is the perfect place for a summer getaway. Whether you like beaches, fishing or seafood Coromandel offers an idyllic tropical destination to visit.

Coromandel consists of many small coastal towns the most popular being Whitianga, Coromandel Township, Whangamata, and Tairua.

Each town services smaller areas and towns close by.

If you are visiting the Coromandel in the summer don’t be afraid to pitch a tent!

The warm weather is perfect for the outdoor living experience.

If camping is too bold there are many hostels, motels, and apartments for rent not to mention Airbnb rental houses.

What To Do… Coromandel Peninsula

Diving - New ZealandThe Coromandel is known for many reasons, the laid back lifestyle, the beaches, and the fishing.

It is a great place to go if you are an adventurous explorer kind.

The Coromandel has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world; New Chums beach, in fact, is considered the best beach in the world and is featured in the Lonely Planet Guide for New Zealand.

Other amazing spots include Hot Water Beach where there is geothermal activity under the sand causing hot water to lay under the sand.

Pick up a spade and dig a nice hot pool and refresh yourself in the ocean surf.

Nearby lies Cathedral Cove the film sight of part of the Prince Caspian Film part of the Narnia Series.

This beach is beautiful, idyllic and the pure sand and amazing natural cathedral shape is a popular backdrop for wedding photo’s as well as tourists’ snaps.

Where To Eat on the Coromandel Peninsula

Beach FishingIf its food you are after you should try the spectacular seafood at Whitianga’s Salt Bar the wide range of seafood will anticipate a hard decision between dishes.

For a more laidback dining experience with tasty treats head to Motu Kitchen.

When you are in the Coromandel Town area try Coromandel Mussel Kitchen for a beautiful seafood meal in the lovely garden area and some of the finest green-lipped mussels money can buy.

If you aren’t into seafood try out the Driving Creek Railway Café in Coromandel for a clean and back to nature experience with loads of healthy food, smoothies, and treats.

Or if gourmet is more your thing the award-winning Pepper Tree Restaurant is worth a try.

Things To Do – Coromandel Peninsula

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Outdoor Activities

If you prefer outdoor activities and adventures there are many to choose

Each town has a great information center so no matter where you are you will be spoilt for choice and a helping hand won’t be far away.

The secret to the Coromandel is to relax and enjoy, now you know what the real deal is get planning because there is nothing more beautiful than a Coromandel Summer.

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