Bay Of Islands – Northland

Bay Of IslandsBay Of Islands: offers several intriguing activities, first-time visitors will find themselves totally mesmerised by the many Islands, stunning accommodation, and beautiful beaches.

As well there are a raft of activities to enjoy both on land or the sea, the area’s natural beauty combined with a unique history of the Bay Of Islands make it a must see destination.

Check out this sub-tropical paradise to find out for yourself why so many people visit once and never want to leave.

Things to do

  • Diving – wreck diving or gathering scallops or crayfish.
  • Deep Sea Fishing – world re-known for Game Fishing.
  • Coastal Fishing – a great place to catch a snapper for dinner.
  • Sailing – the many islands a safe haven for Boating.
  • Kayaking – Island hop and camp in the many DOC camping areas.
  • Beaches – relax on a secluded beach or catch a wave if surfing is your thing.

If you are a Traveller that enjoys the history of their destinations you should not miss visiting  Waitangi – the birthplace of New Zealand as a nation.

The Bay of Islands area has a long-standing history of tribal wars and  conflicts, one of the famous warriors was a Maori chief named Hongi Hika.

He is famed for being a terror to other tribes, his raids extended across the Northland and as far south as Rotorua during the seventeenth century.

However, in his early days, he often enjoyed the company of visiting missionaries and original settlers.

Northland Accommodation Deals

Waitangi - Bay Of IslandsChoosing to visit Kerikeri means you can look forward to fresh fruit directly from orchards as well as boutique wineries.

The dining experience throughout the Bay of Islands is based on fresh local produce either from the many market gardens and orchards or fish straight from the sea – perhaps fish you caught?

Imagine eating out, on your Exclusive Hotel patio or firing up your barbeque in a secluded Bay, enjoying the sights and sounds of the ever-present ocean.

For a change of pace, you could visit Rainbow Falls while at Kerikeri. Be sure to take along a camera wherever you go in Northland as you will constantly find scenery that will surprise and delight – you don’t want to miss taking home a photo to show family and friends the beauty you got to witness in person.

Bay Of Islands Diving

If you are suitably deep dive qualified or have always wanted to Learn To Dive the Bay of Islands is the place to be – thanks to the sub-tropical climate and warm currents you can enjoy your diving year round.

Diving in the Bay of Islands offers a range of interesting marine life – with photography subjects you may not find  anywhere else in the world.

Many divers enjoy the thrill of deep water dives or visiting the many wrecks in the area if this is not you ? then you may enjoy snorkelling shallow water to experience the vivid colours of sea life found in the many sheltered bays.

No matter what your preferences, you will find excellent dive spots in the Bay of Islands.

Bay of Islands

Divers can explore two main wrecks in the area,  the ex- navy frigate  Canterbury or the Greenpeace Flagship Rainbow Warrior.  Taking the time to learning about the many dive tours available at the Bay of Islands is certainly worthwhile, you are sure to find a dive charter to suit your experience and interests.

Enjoying the sea while in the Bay Of  Islands will be an experience you never forget, especially if you take the time to swim with the creatures living in it – so take the option of a swim with dolphins tour. The Bay of Islands is an area well known for dolphin encounters. Imagine the thrill of being in the water with these gentle intelligent  animals.

Swim With Dolphins

You might also consider the fun you and your family could have on a Boat Tour that takes you to exclusive areas to swim with Dolphins or simply sightseeing.

Discover a few of the sheltered Bays that Bay of Islands is famous for.

Being able to Swim With Dolphins or chance an encounter with other sea creatures such as Whales at close range in their natural environment is an amazing experience.

Your kids may even put their phone down for a couple of minutes… Hmmm maybe?

Maori Culture

Experiencing the local culture of your destination can be an interesting learning adventure.

However, when you can experience the culture of local people, in their homes, the experience becomes more endearing than simply educational. You can have this kind of cultural adventure with the Maori people at Te Rawhiti.

Being able to cook alongside someone from the area that has lived there for their entire life can make a huge difference in your experience.

Hear stories and interesting facts behind the local legends. Learn how the people in that area live day to day.

Taking the time to become part of the local Maori culture for a short time, while visiting the Bay of Islands is certainly worth it.

Boat Tours

Boating tours are a great way to enjoy activities like fishing and whale watching or the Hole In The Rock Tour.

These activities are available throughout the Bay of Islands, If speed is what gets you going the Mack Attack is the boat for you, it is the fastest Hole In The Rock Tour in the Bay of Islands

Bay Of Islands - Northland

Sailing Tours

If you looking for something a little more relaxed? One unique Sailing Tour you and your family can enjoy together – as you step back in time, is sailing a traditional old tall ship you can’t do this every day so give it a try, the tour is complete with an onboard historian with intriguing stories of local ports and the early days of sailing in the Bay Of Islands.

This is a tour that will enthral and educate even the non-sailors among you, but especially interesting for those of you who enjoy learning about local culture and history as they travel.

Further north at the very tip of the North Island you can take a tour on the 90 Mile Beach to visit attractions like the Cape Reinga Lighthouse and a replicated 1900’s gum diggers camp.

While there be sure to check out the tour on the Dune Rider, a specially designed vehicle that will take you along 90 Mile Beach or body boarding down gigantic sand dunes is just one of the fun activities you can get into while at this beach.

When planning your trip around New Zealand be sure to allow enough time (3-4 days) to visit the Bay of Islands it is an experience you will always remember.

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